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About Seedraisr

I'm a Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Founder with two Exits, two times COO, and Company & Venture Builder with a strong passion for Business Development, Growth Hacking, PR, Fundraising, and B2B Sales.

After more than a decade of launching different ventures and serving as an operator and mentor, I decided to share my experience and open up my valuable network of investors to support startups on their fundraising journey - Seedraisr was born.

Some examples where I'm actively mentoring startups and founders
Why Choose Me?
Since 2015, I've been actively involved in the startup and investor community. With two successful exits and experience in fundraising across various stages I know building up an own network from scratch takes a long time and can be challenging.

Additionally, I provide mentorship at many international accelerators, scout for Aurelia Ventures & Flashpoint Ventures, and act as a venture partner at EWOR.

To support as many founders as I can on their entrepreneurial path, I've chosen to open up my exclusive network of angel investors, venture capitalists, family offices, micro funds and LPs.
14 years of experience
I have established myself as serial founder & mentor, working with startups and funds.
Individual approach
Each company has unique needs and a distinct vision. I collaborate with you to refine your pitch and establish an effective fundraising strategy.
We prepare for the future
I get you investment-ready and we set up a tailormade investor campaign for you to get you in front of the right people.
My Offer
I get you investment-ready and/or start immediately with your tailor-made fundraising campaign.
Getting you investment-ready
This varies based on your stage, but it may involve ensuring your documents are in order, such as optimizing your pitch deck, improving your storytelling, providing insights for your business model, offering growth hacking and sales tips to validate your concept or attract initial users, and more.
Outreach to investors or LPs from your industry
Once all preparations are complete, I initiate contact with pertinent and engaged investors/LPs within your niche. The email outreach campaign will be custom-tailored to align with your stage, industry, and specific requirements.
Engage with investors or LPs and seal the deal
Upon receiving positive replies, I will address the most apparent inquiries and arrange an initial introductory call with you. From there, it's in your hands to finalize the deal, but without the previous hassle.
Seedraisr in Numbers
I have supported so far:
  • 36
    startups from pre-seed to series A
  • 3
    emerging funds
  • 14
    in different countries
Fundraising as a service
I offer my services in three different tiers. All are very transparent and straightforward - no BS included.
"Skin in the game" package
Investor/LP outreach campaign

5% success fee of the raised amount

*1.5k needs to be paid as a one-time payment upfront to cover the basic setup costs

*Option to reinvest up to 50% of the success fee into your round/fund

Outreach to the existing investor/LP network and additional research including minimal cold outreach efforts.

Limited availability

Duration: 4-6 weeks
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"Sky is the limit" package

Join forces and scale together

*1% equity in the company/or carry in the fund (deal by deal basis)

An advisory board seat/role

Investment readiness + investor/LP outreach and mentoring (details)

Has to be a perfect match

Duration: until the exit or end of the fund

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Additional services
Are you looking to handle your fundraising on your own? Or do you require assistance in other aspects of your business? I've got you covered!
Fundraising Wikipedia
Discover fundraising sources like investor databases, advice on creating pitch decks, templates for cold outreach, guidance on structuring data rooms, financial modeling assistance, helpful software suggestions, term & cheat sheets, and much more.
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Blog posts
"Fundraising is challenging" - series pt. 1-3
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